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Vintage Coney Island Souvenir Hanky Holder-Coney Island Souvenir, Hanky Holder, Hankie Holder, Souvenir Hankie, Souvenir Hanky, Flag Hankie, Flag Hanky Holder, Statue of Liberty Hankie Holder, Rose Hanky Holder, Rose Hankie Holder
Vintage Coney Island Souvenir Hanky Holder
$29.00 $14.50
Vintage Tin with Sewing Notions-Ivory and Gold Vintage Tin, Sewing Tin, Tin of Buttons, Vintage Tin of Buttons, Tin of Sewing Notions, Sewing Notions, Vintage Sewing Notions, Vintage Sock Darner
Vintage Tin with Sewing Notions
Child's Silk Hankie-Child's Hankie, Silk Hankie, Silk Hanky, Vintage Hanky, Vintage Hankie, Children's Hankie, Children's Handkerchief, Vintage Handkerchief, ANtique Silk, Antique Silk Handkerchief, Pink Girl Hankie, Pink Girl Hanky
Child's Silk Hankie
$12.00 $8.40
Vintage Floral Guest or Tea Towel-Vintage Tea Towel, Guest Towel, Antique Linen
Vintage Floral Guest or Tea Towel
Vintage Trim Collection-Vintage Trim, Vintage Seam BInding, VIntage Ribbon, Vintage Sewing Notions
Vintage Trim Collection
$15.00 $7.50
Vintage Grain Sack-Vintage Sack, Flour Sack, Vintage Grain Sack, Sack Pillow, Pillow Fabric, Industrial Decor, Chippy Shabby Decor, Grain Sack Pillow, Flour Sack Pillow
Vintage Grain Sack
$15.00 $7.50
Antique "Souvenir of France" Silk & Lace Hanky-SIlk Hanky, French Hankie, French Hanky, Souvenir of France, France Handkerchief, Silk French Hanky
Antique "Souvenir of France" Silk & Lace Hanky
Antique "Dear Mother" Hanky-Antique Hanky, Hankie, Vintage Hanky, Vintage Hankie, Mother Hanky, Mother Hankie, Embroidered Hanky, Lace Hankie, Satin Lace Hanky
Antique "Dear Mother" Hanky
$12.00 $10.00
Sweet Crochet Basket-Sweet Shabby Crochet Chic Basket Pastel Pink Blue Green Yellow Trim Candy Favor Vintage Antique Posy Holder
Sweet Crochet Basket
$8.00 $4.00
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